Overview of Compositions 1850-1853 from Schumann's
Projects Book

1850 – Düsseldorf

End of September: orchestration of the Neujahrslied by Rückert
From 10.-16. October: Concert Piece for Violoncello accomp. by orchestra sketched, orchestrated by the 24th.
From 2. Nov.-9. Dec.: Symphony in E flat major [in 5 movts.] sketched and orchestrated [op. 97]
December: From 29.-31. Overture to Schiller's Braut v. Messina sketched.


From 1.-12. January: Overture to Braut von Messina orchestrated [op. 100] Five Songs for Solo Mezzosoprano Voice by Ullrich, Mörike and Kinkel [Herzeleid, Fensterscheibe, Gärtner, Volkers Lied, Abendlied] [op. 107]
From 23. to 2. February sketching and orchestration completed for: Overture to Shakespeare's »Julius Caesar«.
March: »Märchenbilder«, Four Pieces for Viola and Pianoforte [op. 113]
Four Husarenlieder by Lenau for Baritone with Pianoforte [op.117]
»Frühlingsgrüße« by Lenau
Another one by Lenau
April until 11. May: Der Rose Pilgerfahrt for Soloists, Choir with accomp. by the Pianoforte [24 Numbers] [op. 112]
From 12. May-1. June: Der Königssohn, Ballad by Uhland, for Choir and Orchestra [6 Numbers, the last one is missing] [op. 116] Mädchenlieder for 2 Voices by Elisabeth Kulmann [1-4] [op.103] VII Poems by Elisabeth Kulmann for Solo Voice [op. 104] Brautgesang by Uhland, der Sänger also by Uhland, for Choir.
June: Another five 4-handed Pieces for the Kinderball - The Ballad »Königssohn«, composed and orchestrated
August: Song by W. Müller - 3 Pieces for solo Pianoforte [Romances or Fantasy Pieces] [op. 111]
September: Sonata in A minor for Violin and Pianoforte [op. 105] - »Die Hütte« and »Warnung«, two Songs from the Waldlieder by Pfarrius [op. 119]
October, from 2. until 9.: Trio in G minor, for Pianoforte Violin and Vcello [op. 110]
from 26.-2. Nov: 2. Sonatas [D minor] for Violin and Pianoforte [op. 121]
November, from 7.-27.: Die Pilgerfahrt der Rose for Orchestra orchestrated; December. 1. and 2. The Scherzo from the Symphony by N. Burgmüller orchestrated, from 3.-19.: Piano Excerpt from Manfred and new orchestration of the older Symphony in D minor
from 19.-23: Overture to Goethe's Hermann and Dorothea completed [I wrote this overture with great enthusiasm in only a few hours].


January from 1.-6. the Ballad: Des Sängers Fluch for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra sketched, from 10.-19. the Ballad by Uhland orchestrated
February from 13.-22: Latin Mass [in C] sketched
March: from 6.-23. Trip to Leipzig
From 24. Februar - 5. March, then from 24.-30. March, the Mass orchestrated and the piano reduction done
From 26. April - 8: May a Latin requiem sketched
May from 9.-15. Orchestration of the Motet for Double Choir »Verzweifle nicht« for Orchestra
From 16.-23.: Orchestration of the entire Requiem
June from 18.-22. the 4 Ballads by Pagen and the Königstochter sketched.
»Schön Hedwig« by Hebbel and the »Flüchtlinge« by Shelley for
Recitation accomp. by Pianoforte
July from 28. until 12. September, Orchestration and piano reduction of the Ballad: Page u. Königstochter [the Arrangement of the 1st Ballad is by Clara] October and November: piano reductions of Sängers Fluch, Requiem and 2nd Section of the Faust Scenes
December from 9.-16. 5 Songs of Queen Mary Stuart for Mezzosoprano with Pianoforte - piano reduction of the Symphony in D minor


January: Harmonization for the 6 Sonata for Violin by J. S. Bach
February: from 27.-12. March sketching and orchestration of the Ballad »Das Glück von Edenhall« for Male Voice Choir, Solo Voices and Orchestra
March: from 15. until 10. April piano reduction of »Edenhall« and Harmonization of the 6 Sonatas for Violoncello by J. S. Bach
April: from 15.-19. Festive Overture with Song on the Rheinweinlied for Orchestra, Choir [the beginning already drafted in the summer of 1852]
20.-24. 2-handed Piano arrangement of the Overture Scherzo and Finale
May: from 28.-9. June 7 Fughettes for Pianoforte
June: from 11.-24. Kindersonate for Pianoforte [in G major]
2 simple Sonatas for Youths for the Pianoforte [in D major and C major]
August: from 4.-11. 2-handed arrangement of the String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2.
from 13.-15. Overture to Faust sketched; 16. and 17. orchestrated
20. Birthday Song for Klara [sic] for 4 Voices
from 24.-30. Concert Allegro with Introduction for Pianoforte and Orchestra.
September: from 2.-5. Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra sketched. 6. and 7. orchestrated
15. Ballad Der Heideknabe by Hebbel for Recitation with accomp. by Pianoforte.
From 18. to 20. »Kinderball« 6 four-handed Piano Pieces [the minuets date from 1850]
from 24. until 3. October Concerto for Violin with accomp. by Orchestra sketched and orchestrated
October: from 9. until 11. Märchenerzählungen for Clarinet, Viola and Pianoforte [1-4]
From 15. until 18. An Diotima: Early Morning Songs for Pianoforte [1-5]
26. Harmonisation of the Variations for Violin by Paganini
from 21.-31. Sonata in A minor for Violin and Pianoforte
November: from 2.-4. Romances for Violoncello and Pianoforte [5 Numbers]

R. Schumann, Märchenbilder op. 113 (Archive No. 03.43,1-D1)

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