Overview of Compositions 1845-1850 from Schumann's
Projects Book

1845 – Dresden

Many contrapunctal works
Four Fugues for the Pianoforte [op. 72]
Studies for pedal piano 1st Book [op. 56]
6 Fugues on the Name BACH for Organ [op. 60]
Sketches for the pedal piano [op. 58]
Intermezzo and Rondo Finale as conclusion of my Fantasia for Pianoforte
published as a Concerto [op. 54]
Symphony for Orchestra in C major sketched out.

1846 – Dresden

5 Songs for Choir by R. Burns [op. 55]
5 of the same by various poets [op. 59]
Symphony in C major for Orchestra orchestrated [op. 61].

1847 – Dresden

2 Romances by E. Mörike for 1 Singing Voice with Pianoforte [op. 64]
Overture for Orchestra to Genoveva
2. Final Chorus for the Faust Scene [Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht]
2. Trio for Pianoforte, Violin and Violoncello [in D minor] [op. 63]
»Lied zum Abschied« for Choir and Wind Instruments [op. 84]
3. Trio for Pianoforte, Violin and Violoncello [in F major] [op. 80]
Quatrains and Refrains by Rückert as Canons for multi-part male voice choir [8 Numbers] op. 65 »Zum Anfang« by Rückert for 4-part male voice choir
3 Gesänge by Eichendorff, Rückert and Klopstock for male voice choir [op. 62]
Solfeggien for Male Voice Choir
Solfeggien for mixed choir
Sketches completed for I. Act of »Genoveva«
Song by F. Hebbel for 2 Sopranos and 2 Tenors.

1848 – Dresden

Sketches completed for I. and II. Acts of the Opera »Genoveva«
3 Gesänge by T. Ullrich, F. Freiligrath and J. Fürst for male voice choir accomp. by harmony music [ad libitum]
Chorus from Faust »Gerettet ist das edle Glied« in B major
The opera »Genoveva« in 4 Acts, composition and orchestration completed by 5 August [op. 81]
Between 30. August and 14. Sept: Christmas Album for Children who Like to Play Piano [42 Pieces] [op. 68]
In October: Overture to Byron's Manfred for large Orchestra [op. 115]
By 23. Nov.: the remaining music for Lord Byron's Manfred
Between 25. Nov. and 20. Dez.: »Dein König kömmt in niedern Hüllen« by Rückert, Cantatas for Choir and Orchestra [op. 71]
In Dec.: Three Pieces for 4 Hands for the Piano - Three more pieces for 4 Hands [op. 66] - 5 2-handed Pieces for Piano [Forest Scenes].

1849 – Dresden

4 more 2-handed piano pieces [Forest Scenes] [op. 82]
[February] 3 Soiree Pieces for Clarinet and Pianoforte op. 73 -
14. Feb.: Romance and Allegro for Horn and Pianoforte [op. 70]
Between 18. and 20.: Concerto for four Valve Horns with large Orchestra [op. 86]
In March: 14 Ballads and Romances [by Goethe, Burns, Uhland, Eichendorff, J. Kerner] for Choir. Book I op. 68 [correction 67] Book II op. 75
12 Romances for Ladies Choir [4, 5 and 6 parts] op. 69 Bk 1 - op. 91 Bk 2
Spanisches Liederspiel for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass [12 Numbers] accomp. by Pianoforte [op. 74]
In April: 5 simple Pieces in Folk Style for Violoncello and Pianoforte [op. 102]
April and May: 35-40 Songs for the Youth Album [op. 79]
In Kreischa near Dresden:
18.-21. May: Five Hunting Songs for Male Voices accomp. by 4 Horns
23.-26. May: »Verzweifle nicht« by Rückert, religious Song for double male voice choir [op. 93]
1.-5. June: »Deutsches Minnespiel« from F. Rückert's Liebesfrühling for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass [8 Numbers] accomp. by Pianoforte [op. 101] 12.-16. June: IV Great Marches for the Piano [op. 76]
18.-22. June: 4 Songs Mignon from W. Meister by Goethe [the first is also in the Youth Album] - Also: the Ballad of Harfner and the Song of Philine
July 02. and 03. the Requiem for Mignon sketched
The 6. and 7. the Three Songs of Harfner - [all the Pieces from W. Meister are to be brought together in a Collection] [op. 98]
July 13. and 14.: Scene in the Cathedral from Goethe's Faust
15.: Scene in the Garden also from Faust
18.: »Ach neige«
The 24.-26.: Ariel's Scene with Faust's Awakening -
August. The scene from Faust, orchestration completed
End of August: 4 Songs for Soprano and Tenor [Tanzlied, Er und Sie, Ich denke dein, Wiegenlied] [op. 78]
10.-15. September: 2 Books Children's Pieces for the Pianoforte for four Hands [Six Numbers]
18.-26. September: Introduction and Allegro for Pianoforte and Orchestra [in G, op. 92]
From 27. Sept.-1.Oct.: Another two books of four-handed Children's Pieces for the Pianoforte [Six Numbers, op. 85]
From 11.-16. October: 3 double-choir Songs for large choirs [»An die Sterne« by Rückert, »Ungewisses Licht«, »Zuversicht« by Zedtlitz)
End of October: »Gottes ist der Orient« - for Double Choir
4. November: »Nachtlied« by Hebbel for Choir and Orchestra sketched; 8.-11. orchestration completed for the same [op. 108]
By the end of November: the 2nd Spanisches Liederspiel with four-handed accomp. by the Pianoforte completed [10 Numbers]
4.-5. Dezember 1849: 3 Songs from the Hebrew by Lord Byron accomp. by Harp [ad lib. also Pianoforte] [op. 95]
Middle of December 1849: 3 Romances for Hoboe [sic] and Pianoforte [op. 94]
22. Dec.: »Schön Hedwig« by Hebbel for Recitation with Piano Accompaniment [op. 106]
27. Dez.-3. January 1850: »Neujahrslied« by Rückert for Choir and Orchestra sketched.


April: Resignation, Ergebung, der Einsiedler. 3 Songs for Voice with Pianoforte [op. 83]
The same with »Nicht so schnelle« by Ch. L' Egru.
From 25.-28. April: The Faust scenes: »Die vier grauen Weiber«, and »Faust's Death« sketched, orchestration completed by 10 May.
10. May »Abendhimmel« by W. v. d. Neun.
11. May: »Herbstlied« by the same - also by 18. May another 4 Poems by W. v. d. Neun [op. 89]
July: Wanderers Nachtlied, Schneeglöckchen, Frühlingslust, Ihre Stimme, Geisternähe, Frühlingslied, Husarenabzug. Gesungen, Himmel und Erde, Mein Garten, Mein altes Roß. Lieder für eine Singstimme with Pianoforte
August: VI Songs by N. Lenau for Voice with Pianoforte [op. 90] - Requiem based on a Latin Text for Voice with Pianoforte [op. 90]
R. Schumann, Albumblatt
mit Zitaten u.a. aus Faust
und Genoveva
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R. Schumann, Spanisches Liederspiel op. 74 (Archive No. 1361-D1)

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R. Schumann, Album für die Jugend (Album for Youth) op. 68/13 (Archive No. 4501,10-D1/A4)