Overview of Compositions 1840-1844 from Schumann's
Projects Book

1840 – Leipzig

My Year of Songs.
Liederkreis by Heine [9 Numbers] [op. 24]
Myrten, four books [op. 25]
3 poems by for multi-voice choir [op. 29]
3 poems by Geibel [op. 30]
Die Löwenbraut, die rote Hanne, die Kartenlegerin after Beranger v. Chamisso [op. 31]
6 Songs for 4-part male voice choir [op. 33]
4 duets by R. Burns, A. Grün etc. for Soprano and Tenor with Pianoforte [op. 34]
12 Poems by J. Kerner, a Liederreihe [op. 35]
6 Poems by v. Reinick [op. 36]
12 Poems from Rückert's Liebesfrühling, 2 Books [Nos. 2, 4 and 11 are by Clara] [op. 37]
12 Poems by Eichendorf [op. 39]
4 Poems by Andersen transl. by Chamisso and from the Greek [op. 40]
8 Songs from Chamisso's Frauenliebe u. Leben [op. 42]
Balladen u. Romanzen for Solo Voice with Pianoforte. 1st Book [op. 45]
»Dichterliebe« 16 Songs by H. Heine [op. 48]
Balladen u. Romanzen 2nd Book [op. 49] likewise 3rd Book [op. 53]
»Belsatzar« Ballads by Heine [op. 57] 3 Duets for 2 female voices [op. 43]

1841 – Leipzig

Symphony for Orchestra in B flat major [op. 38]
Overtures, Scherzos and Finale for Orchestra in E major [op. 52, the last movement reworked in 1845]
1st movement of a Concerto for Pianoforte in A minor with Orchestra [op. 54, was originally composed as a separate piece]
Symphony for Orchestra in D minor [op. 120]
»Tragödie« by Heine for Voice and Orchestra in C minor [only sketched].

1842 – Leipzig

3 Quartets for 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello [A minor, F major and A major] [op. 41]
Quintet for Pianoforte, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello [op. 44]
Quartet for Pianoforte and String Quartet [op. 47]
Trio for Pianoforte, Violin and Cello in A minor [published as Phantasiestücke] [op. 88].

1843 – Leipzig

Andante with Variations for two Pianofortes [op. 46]
Das Paradies and die Peri for Solo Voice, Choir and Orchestra [op. 50].

1844 – Leipzig

Chorus and Aria from the Opera the »Corsar« after Byron
Final Scene from the 2nd Part of Goethe's Faust for Solo Voices, Choir and Orchestra. (204)
R. Schumann, Dichterliebe op. 48/11 (Archive No. 04.60,2-D1)

R. Schumann, 1st Symphony op. 38 (Archive No. 97.61-D1)