Overview of Compositions 1834 - 1839 from Schumann's
Projects Book

1834 – Leipzig

Symphonic Etudes [actually variations on a theme by Mister von Fricken] for Piano [op. 13], likewise Carnival for Pianoforte [op. 9], and Sonata in F sharp minor for Pianoforte [op. 11] begun and completed in the following year.

1835 – Leipzig

Completion of the compositions mentioned above, likewise of the Sonata in G minor [op. 22] [In Vienna, I composed an alternative final movement].

1836 – Leipzig

Fantasia for Piano [op. 17]
3rd Sonata in F sharp minor [op. 14, under the title Concert Sans Orchestre]
A 4th Sonata in F sharp minor sketched - Several Scherzos and small pieces.

1837 – Leipzig

Fantasy Pieces, two books [op. 12]
Davidsbündlertänze for piano, Two books [op. 6].

1838 – Leipzig

Novelletten. Four books [op. 21]
Kinderszenen for Pianoforte [op. 15]
Kreisleriana, Phantasiebilder for Pianoforte [op. 16]
Vienna: Last movement of the Sonata in G minor. Several small pieces
Scherzo, Gigue, Romanze [op. 32; the Fughette contained therein was done later].

1839 – Vienna

Arabeske for piano [op. 18]
Blumenstück for piano [op. 19]
Humoreske for Pianoforte [op. 20]
Sketches for a concerto movement for piano with Orchestra, an Allegro in C minor
Various small pieces and the first movements of the Faschingschwank aus Wien [op. 26]
The Nachtstücke also completed [op. 23]

1839 – Leipzig

Fughette in G minor
Final movement of the Faschingschwank
3 Romances for piano [op. 28].
R. Schumann, Fantasie op. 17
(Archive-No. 99.74-D1)

R. Schumann, Träumerei
op. 15/7
(Archive-No. 486-D1)