Overview of Compositions 1822 - 1833 from Schumann's
Projects Book

1822 or 23

The 150th Psalm with Orchestra
Sketches for Overtures and Operas.

1827 – Zwickau

Songs [Texts by Byron, E. Schulze, also my own]
Sketches for a Piano Concerto in C minor.

1828 – Leipzig

Eight four-handed Polonaises
10-12 Songs [Texts by Just. Kerner in particular]
Variations for 4 Hands on a Theme of Prince Louis
Quartet for Pianoforte, Violin, Viola and Cello in E minor.

1829 – Heidelberg

Symphony sketches
Shorter pieces for piano [including some published later in the Papillons]
Etudes for Piano.

1830 – Heidelberg

Sketches for a piano concerto in F major
Variations on the name Abegg [my 1st published Opus - only half of the variations are published]
Toccata in C major in its 1st form.

1830 – Leipzig

Continuation of the Piano concerto
Etudes for Piano.

1831 – Leipzig

Papillons for Piano
1st movement of a sonata in B minor published later under the title Allegro as op.8
Variations on an original theme for piano in G major.

1832 – Leipzig

Etudes after Paganini's Caprices 1st Book
Intermezzi for piano. Two Books [op.4]
1st Movement of a Symphony for Orchestra in G minor.

1832 – Zwickau and Schneeberg

2nd and 3rd movements of the symphony
Shorter pieces for piano
Many contrapunctal studies.

1833 – Leipzig

Etudes after Paganini
2nd Book - Improm(p)tus on a theme by Clara Wieck for piano [op.5]
Sketches for Sonatas in G minor and F sharp minor
Toccata in C major for Pianoforte completed in a new reworking [op. 7]
Variations on the Sehnsuchtswalzer by Schubert for piano
Variations on the Allegretto from the A major Symphony by Beethoven for piano
R. Schumann, Der 150. Psalm
(Archive-No. 06.013-F2d)

R. Schumann, Abegg-Varia-
tionen op. 1
(Archive-No. 94.35-D1)