Exhibition Tour
Room 1 - Adolescence in Zwickau
Adolescence in Zwickau: featuring several views of the city from Robert Schumann's time, pictures of his parents and acquaintances from his youth, plus display cases with approx. 300 books from the publishing side of his father's bookshop.


Room 2 - Bachelor Years
Bachelor years 1828-1839: with documents on Schumann's stays in Southern Germany, the early Leipzig piano works and the new Journal of Music as well as a table piano by the Dresden piano maker Rosenkranz (circa. 1840).


Games' Corner
Games' Corner on the gallery of the Winter Garden with composer's memory and a game on Leipzig's musical history.


Room 3 - Bridal time
Bridal time: with manuscripts and first editions from the Year of Songs and pictures from the time of the marriage of Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck. The room also serves as a music listening room with a constantly changing selection of interesting recordings of Schumann works and those of his acquaintances.


Room 4 - Married Life in Leipzig
Married life in Leipzig 1840-1844: to the right, a bust of Schumann's friend Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, on the back wall, an oil painting of Clara Schumann (1844). A Bösendorfer grand piano with the Viennese action preferred by Clara Schumann at the time.


Room 5 - The Dresden Years
Dresden years 1844-1850: with pictures of his patrons, the Serres, Marie Wieck and Marie Schumann as well as Hiller, documents on Schumann's activities as a conductor at the first Zwickau Schumann Festival of 1847.


Room 6 and 7 - The Rhine Years/Consequences
Rhine years 1850-56 and Consequences 1856-1896: to the left, next to the door frame, the famous portrait of Clara Schumann in later life by Franz von Lenbach, adjacent portraits of the Schumann children.


Memorial Room
Schumann's birth room with instruments and furniture from the estate of Robert and Clara Schumann, including Schumann's desk with his personal journals and musical scores along with busts and portraits placed here by him of his idols Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Frederic Handel and Ludwig van Beethoven.