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"Aus dem Apothekenhaus"
"Aus dem Apothekenhaus" - Ferdinand Schumann to Kurt Barth 1941-1954, ed. by Gerd Nauhaus (Publications of the Robert Schumann House Zwickau), Zwickau ...
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Clara Schumanns Kochbuch
Clara Schumann"s Cookbook. Reprint after the Original Copy in the Robert Schumann House Zwickau, with a Foreword by Anette Müller, Zwickau 2000.
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G. Nauhaus/ A. Müller, Das Robert Schumann House Zwickau
Gerd Nauhaus and Anette Müller, The Robert Schumann House Zwickau, ed. by the Saxon State Office of Museums (Saxon Museums, Vol. 11). With German/English ...
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