Robert Schumann is born in Zwickau on 8 June.


First piano lessons with Johann Gottfried Kuntsch


Clara Wieck is born in Leipzig on 13 September.


Studies at the Lyceum (until 1828)


Germination of literary tendencies
Foundation of a literary club


»Musical Soirees« led by Schumann in his parents' home


Literary attempts
Death of sister Emilie


Death of father August Schumann, who had planned to have his son instructed by Carl Maria von Weber (who also dies in 1826)


Reads Jean Paul
Begins to keep a diary


Obtains qualification for university entrance. Travels to Leipzig (friendship with Clara Wieck), Bayreuth (visits Jean Paul's commemorative sites), Munich (meets Heine), begins law studies in Leipzig
Is taught the piano by Friedrich Wieck


Studies in Heidelberg, performs at the piano in society circles, travels to Switzerland and Northern Italy


Schumann hears Paganini in Frankfurt/Main; decides in favour of a career in music; returns to Leipzig after a journey along the Rhine
Continues his studies with Wieck
Abegg variations op. 1


Studies music theory with Heinrich Dorn.
Essay on Chopin;
begin of Schumann's activities as a writer on music
Papillons op. 2


Finger paralysis, end of career as a pianist, first public performance of a Schumann composition


Intensifies his composing activities
Foundation of the (partly imaginary) Davidsbund (League of David)
Etudes sur des Caprices de Paganini op. 10
Impromptus op. 5
Toccata op. 7


April: founding of the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (New Journal of Music) with Schumann as publisher and editor
Secret engagement to Ernestine von Fricken


Engagement dissolved
Falling in love with Clara Wieck
Wieck sends Clara to Dresden
Etudes Symphoniques op. 13
Carnaval op. 9
Sonata op. 11


Death of mother Christiane Schumann
Secret meeting with Clara - Wieck forbids his daughter to have any contact with Schumann
Concert sans Orchestre in F minor op. 14
Fantasie in C major op. 17


Clara Wieck plays Schumann's Etudes Symphoniques in the Gewandhaus (Cloth Hall)
Secret engagement after a separation of eighteen months
Wieck rejects Schumann's courtship
Clara undertakes lengthy concert tour with her father
Davidsbündlertänze op. 6
Fantasiestücke op. 12


Travels to Vienna in the autumn to publish his journal there
Kinderszenen op. 15
Kreisleriana op. 16
Novelletten op. 21
Sonata G minor op. 22


Discovery of Schubert's Symphony in C major
Returns to Leipzig and begins legal proceedings against Friedrich Wieck regarding marriage
Humoreske op. 20,
Faschingsschwank aus Wien op. 26,
Nachtstücke op. 23,
Romances op. 28


Graduates Dr. phil. at the University of Jena
Positive legal verdict, followed by marriage on September 12th
»Year of Songs « with approx. 140 songs, including:
Liederkreis op. 24 (Heine)
Liederkreis op. 39 (Eichendorff)
Dichterliebe op. 48 (Heine)


»Symphonic Year«:
Symphony in B flat major op. 38 (Frühlingssymphonie)
Symphony in D minor in its first version
1. movement of the Piano Concerto in A minor (Fantasia)


Concert tour to Northern Germany (Clara continues on to Copenhagen)
In the autumn: neurasthenia
Chamber music year:
Three string quartets op. 41
Piano quintet op. 44
Piano quartet op. 47


Appointment at the Leipzig Conservatory
Reconciliation with Friedrich Wieck
Oratorio Das Paradies and die Peri op. 50


January to May - concert tour to Russia
December - moves to Dresden
Begins composing the Faust Scenes


Serious health crisis
Intensive study of Bach
Contrapunctal works for piano, pedal piano and organ
Piano concerto in A minor op. 54 completed
Symphony in C major op. 61 begun


July/August stays at spa on Norderney
Concert tour to Vienna
Choral Songs op. 55 and 59


Continuation of the Vienna journey to Prague, trip to Berlin
Schumann Festival in Zwickau
Schumann becomes director of a male choir in Dresden
Begins work on the opera Genoveva


Founds and runs the Association of Choral Singing in Dresden
Album für die Jugend (Album for Youth) op. 68
Manfred op. 115
Adventlied op. 71
Bilder aus Osten op. 66


Temporary stay in Maxen and Kreischa during the May uprising in Dresden
Performance of Faust Scenes at the Goethe Festival
His most fruitful working year:
Piano pieces for 2 and four hands op. 76, 82, 85 and 109
Chamber music pieces op. 70, 73, 80, 88 and 94
Concert pieces op. 86 and 92
Choral cantos op. 67, 69, 75, 87, 91
Liederspiele o. 74, 101, 138
Songs op. 78, 79, 98, 106, 114
Symphonic choral works op. 93, 98 and 108


Premiere of Genoveva in Leipzig
City Musical Director in Düsseldorf
Symphony E flat major op. 97 (Rhenish Symphony)
Violoncello Concerto in A minor op. 129
Overture Die Braut von Messina op. 100
Neujahrlied op. 144
Songs op. 83, 89, 90 and 96


Journeys along the Rhine to Switzerland
Concert tour to Antwerp (as a judge at a singing competition) and Brussels
Der Rose Pilgerfahrt op. 112
Overtures op. 128 and 136
Märchenbilder op. 113
Fantasiestücke op. 111
Songs op. 103, 104, 117 and 119
Violin Sonatas op. 105 and 121
Trio op. 110


Stays at health spa in Scheveningen
Conflict with the concert committee
Premiere of Manfred performed by Liszt in Weimar
Mass in C minor op. 147
Requiem in D flat major op. 148
Vom Pagen und der Königstochter op. 140
Poems by Queen Mary Stuart op. 135


31. Lower Rhine Music Festival with premiere of the 4th symphony and of the Festival Overture op. 123
Nervous breakdown during a visit to Bonn
First meeting with Brahms on 30th September
Essay »Neue Bahnen« (»New paths«)
Resigns from directing the subscription concerts in October
Successful concert tour to Holland
Das Glück von Edenhall op. 143
Piano pieces op. 118, 126, 130 and 133
Concert pieces for violin (op. 131 and WoO 1) and piano (op. 134)
Märchenerzählungen op. 132 and 3. Violin Sonata WoO 2


Successful concert tour to Hanover
Suicide attempt on 27th February
Admitted to psychiatric hospital in Endenich near Bonn on 4th March


Improvement in health condition, wishes to be accommodated elsewhere
Clara resumes her concert activities


Schumann dies on the 29th of July in Endenich
Funeral in Bonn
Clara Schumann's first concert tour to England


Clara moves to be with her mother in Berlin


Concert tours to England, Holland, Belgium, Austro-Hungary


Resides in Lichtenthal bei Baden-Baden


Resides in Berlin, undertakes numerous concert tours from there


Head teacher at the Hoch'sche Conservatory in Frankfurt/Main, Celebrations of the 50-year Artist Jubilee in Leipzig


Celebration of the 60-year Artist Jubilee on the 20th October in Frankfurt/Main


Last public appearance
Severe illness (auditory hallucinations and hardness of hearing)


Relinquishes duties at the Conservatory
Private instruction and appearances as a pianist in smaller circles


Clara Schumann dies on 20th May, funeral held in Bonn