Archive and Research Centre

The archive of the Robert Schumann House houses the world's largest Schumann collection. The focal point is the rich autobiographical, literary and musical-literary bequest of the composer, joined by the even larger collection of handwritten texts by Clara Schumann and numerous of the composers of the 19th century. Among the most important handwritten scores are the sketches for the Opera Genoveva op. 81 and for the Dichterliebe op. 48, the working manuscripts for the Album für die Jugend (Youth Album) op. 68 and the Faschingsschwank aus Wien op. 26 as well as the handwritten score of the overture to Hermann and Dorothea op. 136. In addition, there are several autograph albums, including the so-called Bride Book and the Endenich Flower Diary of Clara Schumann. The substantial picture collection contains many early examples of photography, original paintings by artists such as Eduard Bendemann, Carl Jäger and Franz von Lenbach. Among the music-printings, a standout is Schumann's collection of the First Editions of his Collected Works; among the extensive collection of concert programmes, the showpiece is the complete programme collection of Clara Schumann.

First Edition of the Collected Works of Robert Schumann, Robert Schumann House Zwickau (Archive No. 13202,1-C1s)


A section of this valuable collection may be viewed in the permanent exhibition on the Life and Work of Robert and Clara Schumann in the Schumann House. In various special exhibitions, along with other items, new acquisitions by the Robert Schumann House are regularly presented to the public.

With its exceptionally rich archival collection, the Robert Schumann House offers unique opportunities for biographical and musicological research into this artistic couple and their contemporaries. The archive is the place to go for academics and researchers from all over the world. In 1992, in addition to the two positions at the Robert Schumann Research Center in Düsseldorf, which were created in 1986, a further site for the New Schumann Collected Edition was opened in Zwickau. Nevertheless, the independent research of the Zwickau Schumann House continues to this day. In cooperation with the Dresden Academy of Music, the Schumann Letters Edition Zwickau will be appearing as a project of the German Research Foundation.

Carl Ernst Richter, Biographie des Vaters von Robert Schumanns, Robert Schumann House Zwickau (Archive No. 6093b-C1s)